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In the end, it came down to whether they should increase the actual size limit of each block or move some portion of, or even entire transactions, BNB to another layer, leaving only larger transactions to be settled on the base layer. Those in support of SegWit fell into the latter camp, contending that it was best to maintain the original 1MB limit.

Bitcoin is inherently deflationary because the system was mathematically designed to allow only 21 million Bitcoins to be mined and it is expected that the last Bitcoin will be generated near the year 2140; it was also designed to keep an average rate of only one block discovered each 10 minutes.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto — an anonymous internet user or group working under a pseudonym — in 2009 on the back of the economic recession. It was presented as a form of peer-to-peer currency that didn’t rely on centralized banks.

He named this technology Block and Chain i.e. Nakamoto wanted to create a Bitcoin ledger as a decentralized system that can easily be assessed by the people connected to the system. it was of two words in his original paper but later the technology was named Blockchain a single word in the year 2016. This technology came into existence after the advent of cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The concept of Blockchain came into reality in the year 2008 and the credit for inventing this technology goes to Satoshi Nakamoto.

imageThe wallet s well provided with the security features that help in reducing the chances of online fraud and thefts. It enables the users of the blockchain network to store and manage, transfer, and trade cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Wallet- This is a digital or E-wallet service that is provided by the blockchain company.

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, but it’s not without its problems. The nature of the technology makes it difficult to scale, and as a result, it’s nearly impossible for the average person to use BTC for everyday transactions like buying gas or milk.

Yan Pritzker: Well, it means you can dominate the writes to the ledger. So let's say you know, you're producing the, the chain is five blocks long and you producing the sixth block and the seventh block and the rest of the network isn't able to keep up with you, cryptocurrency right? They will submit transactions, but they'll never make it into the database. So that's an attack that you can definitely do. Because nobody will be able to transact. So one of the things you can do is you can mine empty blocks which essentially will prevent Bitcoin from working. However, it's very, very expensive to do. So now that you're producing essentially every block, or you can eventually make it longer chain, you control what goes into those blocks. They'll never make it into the actual ledger of Bitcoin, which is those blocks.

Conventionally banks and payment processors are audited regularly by third-parties - because Bitcoin is based on cryptography auditing can be done in a cryptographically provable way. In addition to hacks, currently no trusted third party payment systems in Bitcoin provide any way for users to determine if the services actually hold the Bitcoins they claim to hold.

We can kind of follow the trace of any Bitcoins that have ever existed in Bitcoin because of this idea that blocks are chained together. Yan Pritzker: It's a very sexy sounding word, but all it is, is it's telling us that blocks and Bitcoin are linked together by their hashes and the hash essentially is proving to us what the contents of that block are and that the contents haven't changed. And that every block subsequent to that block is telling us that nothing prior to that block has changed leading up to it. So we can verify essentially the all the transactions where the Bitcoin was generated at which block it was generated at which black it was spends.

These keys if once lost cannot be backed up and money secured in them also gets lost. The knowledge of the private key to the third party means revealing about the Bitcoins to them. it is present on every computer of every user in the network. Any transaction without verification of all the members cannot be entered into the blocks. The private key in the blockchain secures Bitcoins and thus it must be kept secret. The verification of the transaction from a large number of users requires time and thus it is a time taking process. Thus, it is necessary to protect these keys from becoming exposed to third parties. The verification of transactions in blockchain requires huge power or electricity. This results in a lowering of the transaction speed. The records and transactions in the blockchains are distributed ledger i.e.

The use of these applications and cryptocurrency technologies reduces the workload and makes the work easier. There are several applications of the internet and they are used in different sectors. The advent of the internet is a blessing to mankind. This technology came into the limelight after the discovery of cryptocurrency named Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has also emerged because of the advent of computers and the internet. Internet is required in everything that we do either it is education, traveling, shopping, health, etc. It has now become an integral part of our lives.image

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